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David Sinclair on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Check out this fascinating discussion with David Sinclair on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. The discussion ranges from the effects of NMN and Resveratrol to David Sinclair's daily routines and current clinical studies. It's a must watch!
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What is GMP?
GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA. GMPs provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Adherence to the GMP regulations assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of drug products by requiring that manufacturers of medications adequately control manufacturing operations. This includes establishing strong quality management systems, obtaining appropriate quality raw materials, establishing robust operating procedures, detecting and investigating product quality deviations, and maintaining reliable testing laboratories. 

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NMN Exclusive Edition 4+2 Men's Clothing (Enteric Coated + Stomach Coated) PS


NMN Exclusive Edition 4+2 Men's Clothing (Enteric Coating + Stomach Coating) Content: 18000mg Purity 99.9% Specifications: NMN 60 capsules/bottle*4 bottles + ampk activator 60 capsules/bottle*2 bottles of active small molecule NMN 1. Active small molecule NMN does not need to be decomposed, it is absorbed directly through the cell membrane, and it is preferentially absorbed when it coexists with food proteins. Has a strong physiologically active metabolic function
 2. On the basis of technology, nmn and ampk are divided into male and female models according to the difference between male and female physique.
3. Without any addition, the net content exceeds 18000mg
4. For the technical upgrade of the absorption rate and the method of administration, enteric-coated + gastric-coated double-effect absorption, no dependence tolerance, won the Nobel Technology Award.
5. Supplement NAD+ to repair human cells, effectively remove the residual damage and aging cells in the body, and increase the activity and health of existing cells. Consolidate function, revitalize the body, age without decay, exclusive for men
Fourth-generation activator men's ingredients:
Resveratrol PQQ Milk Thistle Q10 Small Molecular Oyster Peptide Icariin Lycopene
Small molecule oyster essence peptide: strengthen liver and detoxify, improve immunity, restore physical strength, nourish and beautify the face.
PQQ: reduce the damage of free radicals to the skin, protect the nervous system, and promote the absorption of amino acids
Silybum marianum: liver protection, antioxidant and blood lipid lowering

What is nmn

NMN is an entirely natural compound found in our bodies. Various food sources also contain this compound in minuscule amounts. Edamame which has one of the higher contents, only show less than 1.9mg/100g. NMN is a direct and potent NAD+ supplement. Mice given an oral supplement of NMN showed increased liver NAD+ levels in just 10 minutes and showed an increase in muscle tissue by 30 minutes.

Increased NAD+ levels stimulate energy metabolism, DNA repair, and SIRTUIN activity. SIRTUINS are the longevity-genes shown to be active during caloric restriction and life-extension in many animal models.

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The science

Scientists have now confirmed a direct link between falling NAD+ levels and aging in both animals and human subjects. A breakthrough study published by Harvard scientists in 2013 showed for the first time that some aspects of aging might be reversible. After treating old mice with NMN, several biometric markers that were subsequently measured resembled those of young mice: "the equivalent of a 60-year old converting to a 20-year old". The research and understanding into NAD+ metabolomics are ongoing, but what the science has highlighted thus far, is the importance of supporting and maintaining our NAD+ levels.

A long-term evaluation of oral supplementation of NMN in mice was found to be effective at improving NAD+ levels safely. Mice supplemented with NMN vs. a control group showed notable age-associated differences in mass, energy metabolism, blood sugar, lipid metabolism, gene expression changes, mitochondrial oxygen use, eye function, bone density and immune function with no apparent toxic effects.

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